AMG NewTech












In-Depth Market Research and Trend Analysis

Covering Innovative and Emerging Technologies


AMG NewTech is a market research firm specializing in evaluating, analyzing, and forecasting global and regional technology trends and market growth opportunities for advanced materials and devices, with a particular focus on innovative and emerging technologies.


These represent high value-added technologies that in the years to come are expected to have a significant impact on the markets in which they find application. AMG NewTech specializes in:


  • Identifying and evaluating fast growing niche markets.


  • Performing market segmentation analysis to identify high-growth/high-profit opportunities.


  • Supplying technically accurate reviews of new processes and materials.


  • Highlighting and detailing innovative and advanced technologies as they relate to advanced materials and devices.


  • Providing a comprehensive analysis of market players and product offerings.


  • Highlighting key research activities and technology breakthroughs worldwide.


  • Providing up-to-date market analysis and market intelligence.
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